Bonus Children

I first began writing this blog in 2008, so that my mother had a way to see her grandchildren grow up. She lived out of state and longed for pictures and updates. That mother is currently moving into my 5th bedroom, and is deeply involved in the lives of all her little grandkids. My postings got fewer and further between, eventually they all together stopped. There was no need to update the blog with her living just 2 minutes down the road.

Fast forward 10 years, my family has doubled. My children now have an entirely new set of grandparents to love on them, and these grandparents happen to live across an ocean. So I find myself back in the same place, wanting ways to record life and share it with them.


I’ve leveled up in life. Not only am I a mother, I am also now a “bonus” mother to 3 more tiny humans.


The transition has been much easier than I would have thought, and I have to thank my tribe for that. Since moving to Texas, I have had a circle of amazing men and women who have helped raise my children. I think nothing of it when I have to drop my kids off with a friend for a day or two, because I know they have my back. I know my children will be loved and cared for as if I were there.

I have also been given the privilege of helping raise babies that are not my own. I have been trusted to mother for my friends when they need a break. Let’s be real, EVERY parent needs and deserves breaks. Every person needs a handful of people who are willing to carry some of the weight. It takes a village to raise a child into a functional and loving adult, and I am beyond blessed to have found mine.

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When I first went to visit Martin’s kids, there was not a second of hesitation. I was in love with them before I even got to lay eyes on their adorable little faces. Watching after them was no different to me than when a dear friend drops their child with me for the weekend. My love multiplies, I treat them just as if they had come from my own body. I love, discipline, nurture, and play just like I do with my own kids.

So thank you to my amazing circle, for allowing me to love your children. Thank you for trusting me with the things that are so precious to you. Thank you for helping me prepare to be a stepmother.

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