Night & Day

Now after that angry post, here comes the happy.

We waited as long as we did to have Mya, because I was terrified of having another high needs baby. Sophie was a very demanding infant, and literally took all the energy I had. Luckily, Mya is my blessing for having survived Sophie.

-Sophie woke up 3 to 8 times a night until she was 12 months, then continued to wake up 1 to 3 times until she was 18 months. It literally took hours to comfort her to sleep. She also had colic as a baby, and I remember being up with her crying 6 straight hours.
-Mya sleeps 4-6 hours solid. It blows my freakin mind! We go to bed between 11 and 12, she wakes up once at night to eat and be changed, once in the morning to eat, then sleeps until we get up around 11.

-Sophie had a hard time latching on right, and lost too much weight at first.
-Mya nurses wonderfully, and was already 8.5 lbs at 1 month.

-Sophie would scream bloody murder in the car, until she was moved to a forward facing seat at 1.
-Mya sleeps in the car.

-Sophie would never stay with Denny.
-Mya does just fine, even lets him feed her.

Some of this delight is just the way they are, some is us actually knowing what to do this time around. Either way, I love it.


One thought on “Night & Day

  1. Isn't it funny how different they are? Wait until she starts learning things and playing. I love how Katie totally leads in the imagining play, but Melody is so patient and will sit with her trying to teach her her letters and what not. Two is a lot more work, but SO much more fun! Make sure you do a TON of videos because you forget quick. We were looking at all our old videos the other day and I can't believe how big the girls have gotten!


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