Quick Park Trip

We took the girls to the park this weekend. I love that it was nice enough to get out and about. Sophie and I often get Cabin Fever from being stuck in the house all winter. Stupid winter.

I just love the relationship that Sophie and Denny share. It’s so cute.

While sitting on a park bench, Denny noticed that Mya’s hat had slipped over her eyes. Since she was wrapped to my chest, I handed the camera to him. I’m generally not in the pictures, what with me taking the majority of them.

This was my favorite.


7 thoughts on “Quick Park Trip

  1. wouldn't mind at all. (i agree, natural light is much prettier than fake) the one i have was actually discontinued, so I had to search for it. I want to say it was $500 refurbished from B&Hphotovideo.com.


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