4 years ♥


As of May 14th, we have officially been married for 4 years.
4 very long years, and it’s just the beginning.

We started young, and have faced an absurd amount of trials.
But…. what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. 🙂

4 years:
1 shotgun wedding
5 moves
2 apartments
1 home
5 dogs
4 cats
4 fish
1 bunny
2 pregnancies
4 nerd games played together (D&D, WoW, Magic, Minecraft)
2 very difficult problems
1 baptism
5 jobs
2 cars
2 car accidents
3 obsessions with food
2 cervical cancer tests
5 hobbies (legos, nerd games, sewing, scrapbooking, photography)
2 family deaths
2 road trips
3 nights on the couch
9,000 disagreements
11 birthdays
1,000 sleepless nights
4 sewing machines
5 computers
2 family weddings
9 cell phones
3 mp3s
4 gaming consoles
200 books
1 baby with colic
5 beds
2 postpartum depression
5 cameras
and 2 beautiful little girls

Te amo.


4 thoughts on “4 years ♥

  1. ACK!! With all the chaos I totally forgot about your anniversary! It's exactly one month after ours, how hard can that be to remember 🙂 Congrats on making it the first four years. Keep in mind the first few are the hardest, at least in my experience. It just gets better every year!


  2. and the list will keep growing!
    marriage is not easy, you just have to keep working on it BOTH of you! just remind him to make you smile everyday, make time for both of you and time for yourself.
    in a marriage there is not a ONE winner the 2 of you wins!


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