What is “Pretty” anyway?

My sister-in-law linked this post on her facebook. If you have children, read it. It is about teaching our little ones to be comfortable with their bodies.

It took me a long time, but I’m happy with my body. (tiny boobs and all) Most days I feel prettier without makeup, or with just foundation.

  • i have small boobs, bit whoop, they do their job. i provide more than enough milk for Mya
  • i’m almost positive my stomach skin could engulf a small horse. it stretches out ridiculously far, i find it kind of entertaining really
  • i have mom legs, stretchmarks, a zillion tiny scars, the jiggle, but eh.
  • i have a scar in the middle of my nose from a tiny bastard dog that bit me when i was a kid
  • if i didn’t pluck my Hispanic eyebrows, i’d look like caterpillars were on my face

Such is life.

I still walk around naked/in undies. Sophie showers with me. I don’t think I’ve ever peed with the door closed. I make no effort to “hide” my body from my girls, and never will.

The same goes for Denny. More often than not, the man is just in his underwear/shorts. To be fair, it is the middle of July and our swamp cooler still isn’t fixed.

We are both happy with ourselves, and while we would both like to make improvements, we don’t make a big deal out of it.

As for the slutty image that the world is throwing at our tiny children, screw that. My girls will be raised in a home where a pair of cute shorts and a tshirt are much better than a mini skirt and padded bra.


One thought on “What is “Pretty” anyway?

  1. As i told you when you were little and growning up…. you are so pretty and dont let any one else tell you different 😀
    if they do they are just plain jelous!


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