I personally think Lagoon is stupidly overpriced, but then again, what amusement park isn’t? I knew that I wanted to take Sophie, I just didn’t know when. Then 2 days ago my friend asks “you guys wanna go for $10 each?” Hells ya we do!

So yesterday we were all packed up and super excited, but my friend had to go to the doctors. Sad. 😦 She was loving enough to still give us her coupon. So off we went.

I took my little kodak point and shoot, so here are our pictures!


About 2 in the afternoon rolled around, and we arrived. Our friends Claire and Dea met us at the entrance. The first hour was complete fail. Neither of the girls were cooperating. Dea was tired, Sophie was scared to ride ANYTHING. Many tears were had.

After not so much success, we got them on the train.


Sophie effin love trains.

Then Claire took the girls on the sky ride.


While Mya and I walked across the park to meet them on the other side.
Mya fell asleep with a cracker in her hands. She goes ape for crackers right now.


After that, we hit up the Farris wheel.

Even Mya and I came along. 🙂


I then took the little ones on the Tilt O Whirl, and Claire watched Mya. I freakin LOVE the Tilt O Whirl.

After that Claire & Dea left, so the girls and I went to pick up Denny.
And more fun was had! First we got us some dinner, for a stupidly expensive price.

Even Mya had some fries.
(and flipped me off)


Next we all suited up and went swimming.





As we were all getting dressed, I realized that we left Mya’s diapers in the car. I took Mya and walked the 20 miles (slight exaggeration) to the car; Denny took Sophie on the train.

Then on the sky ride.


We rode on the Carousel.
The mini version of the boat ride.
And puff the magic dragon, which was hella funny because she screamed to get off the whole time.

And home we went, 9 hours later.

We have bounce back passes, so we’ll be going again next week sometime. 🙂
Next time I’ll be sure to get pictures of me too.


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