Hogle Zoo 2011

I try to take Sophie to the zoo at least once a year.
This year we went with our friends Steve & Jaimie.
(who happen to be super awesome zoo members)

Sophie is in love with Steve.
Every time we are going somewhere, Sophie asks “is Steve coming too?”
I was making corn the other day, “mom, Steve likes corn too, is he coming to dinner?”
You get the picture.
95% of her zoo trip, was spent glued to Steve.
The children also had much fun at the zoo.

Remember the pregnant elephant from last year? Totally had her little baby.
Elephants are pregnant for 22 months….. pass.
Riding the creepy wooden horse.





Children getting sleepy.


Lastly, the train ride.
It started raining about 30 seconds before we got on the train.
Because the train is awesome, it lost traction, and we got stuck.
Train fail.

Much fun was had. 🙂


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