Purple Hair :D

I was raised by a mother that supported anything I wanted to do.
Piano, dance, soccer, cheer-leading, basketball, volleyball, girl scouts, choir, track, drama etc.
If I wanted to do it, she found a way to make it happen.

She also got involved with a lot of the activities. She went to every game/show/concert I had. She was my troop leader, she was my girl’s camp director, she was awesome.

A lot of the time, I forget that some kids didn’t have “involved” parents. I was very much spoiled with love as a child. One of the best gifts my mother gave me was confidence and independence. I was taught never to “follow the crowd,” but do what I wanted to do. I was allowed to mold myself into someone unique.

I pride myself in being an awesome mother, just like my mom was. I try very hard to encourage Sophie to be her own person. She dresses herself, and most days she doesn’t let society cripple her fashion. One of my favorite outfits was a tutu, butterfly wings, rainbow shorts, and snow boots.

After having kids, I felt somewhat pressured to mold into the generic housewife. I stopped dying my hair funky colors, started buying more boring clothes, rarely put on makeup, and basically toned myself down.

I just realized this kind of makes me a hypocrite. Here I am teaching her to be herself, while I am just doing what is expected. Screw that. I was worried that me being “unique” or “alternative” would put off all the other moms at church, playgroups, preschool, etc. I didn’t want my little Sophie to suffer because I couldn’t just be normal.

Thanks to a supportive husband, who gave me the final shove I needed; and my friend Jaimie, who helped me with the coloring – I now have purple hair.

I love it. I decided that if someone is going to judge me based on the fact that I have fun hair, I don’t want them around my family anyways. Judgmental people often raise judgmental children, and we don’t need friends like that.

The best part?
The purple is only a semi-permanent color, and will wash out in a month or so.
Then I can put a NEW color in! 😀
I will be a human mood ring.


2 thoughts on “Purple Hair :D

  1. I love it! It's very you! You have to remember if you're not happy with who you are your girls can't learn how to be happy with who they are. I'm glad you have people in your life that support you being you.


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