Fur Babies

Guess what I did…

I have a tendency to be ridiculously spontaneous. This personality trait works to by benefit about 50% of the time.

I want to be a doula/midwife and start schooling right away. – Win
I want to learn something new and become overwhelmed. – Fail

Denny has become used to this. If it is something that is likely to fail, he will gently try to talk me out of it. If I am stubborn, he will support me anyways. Yay for loving husbands.

Let’s just say that this time, I was stubborn.

I’ve been thinking about getting Sophie a cat for a few months. There was just one little thing stopping me – I loath cats. We have had several since getting married, and they have all been spawns of Satan. That is not an exaggeration. I still have scars from some of them.

After talking to my friend, Claire, she mentioned that getting two kittens helps out a lot. Then they have a sibling to play with, and that keeps them entertained. Awesome! I continued to research randomness, and fill my mind with kitty knowledge.

Sunday night I had an itch to go looking for kittens.

Meet the newest Schlaikjer family members.



(Sophie couldn’t decide on a name, so she picked both)


They are brothers.

Other than the fact that Moose has an aneurism every time she sees them, everything is going delightfully. I have already trimmed their claws, and the girls love them. I even like them.

See that super awesome shirt Sophie is wearing?
I made that.
It is refashioned out of a shirt that I wore, while I was pregnant with her. 🙂


And Mya sticking random crap in her mouth.
That’s how she rolls.



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