We aren’t exactly sure when, but at some point in the future, we will have more children.

When we do, those children (brace yourselves) will be born at home.


Before my friends and family die from heart attacks, read on.

Homebirths are just as safe, if not safer than hospital births.
(assuming the woman is not high risk, and has a competent care provider)

Homebirths dramatically reduce intervention rates.
Only around 12% transfer to a hospital during or after labor.
The majority of which were simply for pain relief and exhaustion.

Generally the “serious issues” that arise during a labor, are due to needless interventions at a hospital.

Example: Mom is tired, so they convince her to get an epidural. She then has to lay on her back her entire labor, which is a horrible position for birthing. Labor doesn’t “progress” to the doctor’s liking, so he orders Pitocin. She may not feel her contractions, but baby certainly does. Pitocin contractions are longer, and give smaller breaks in between. Baby becomes distressed. C-section is preformed. Huzzah! THE BABY IS SAVED! *snort*


I don’t believe that I should have to be constantly on guard during labor, so we will simply be sticking it at home. We will have a CPM, certified professional midwife, as well as a doula.

I figured I would give the world a heads up so that whenever we do become pregnant, no one has to deal with the shock of my choices.

Also, as well meaning as your concerns may be, they aren’t necessary.
So before anyone goes calling us crazy, do two things for me:

1- Actually research planned homebirth statistics.
2- Remember that I am working towards becoming a CPM, and my career will be birthing women at home.

As my sweet friend puts it, “Hospitals are for sick people, pregnancy is not an illness.”


6 thoughts on “Homebirth

  1. That's awesome! That's why I went with the birth center, it was the closest to being home that I could get with out actually being there. But I didn't have to clean anything, it was all pretty and waiting for me, and I got to leave the whole mess there 🙂 Can't wait to see how this next birth goes for you!


  2. Sounds great! I wish I would have known you before I had Halle, and curious if her birth experience would have been less stressful if we'd tried that route. Anyway, good luck to you when the time comes. But you know you can't keep Sophie waiting toooooo long for that baby brother she wants…….


  3. Wow. I think that is amazing girl. Even though I plan on a hospital, I still will not take an epidural. I am to scared of the consiquence. No needles are going into my spine which could paralize me. But I think you giving birth at home next time is a pretty amazing thing 🙂


  4. That's great! You have great births I think you can do it wonderfully. My cousin has had 2 home births herself and she will probably have 1 more and plan on doing that one at home as well. My cousin at her's at a birthing center and went home 2 hours later I say if you can and you feel comfortable DO IT! Go You!


  5. That's wonderful! I'm always ecstatic when another mom joins the homebirthing team 🙂 Luke was born at home, but unassisted. It was fantastic, and I cannot imagine going to a hospital for a normal body function again.


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