Cats & Pogs

I am trying to get used to using my fixed focus lens by forcing myself to practice with it.
Now you all get to look at oodles of pictures.

The children have been sick for a week.
A week.
I can handle 2 to 3 days of sick clingy children…. but a week?
No thanks.

At the point of wanting to rip my hair out, I was looking for any way to distract the girls.
I found a bag of Pogs in the hall closet.
I dumped them all out on the floor and let them go to town.


Now we all know, that anyone who was cool had a ton of Pogs.
Pogs were the shiz.

Sophie spent a good hour organizing them.
She was hunting for all of the Pokemon ones.


Even Igor liked them.


After Sophie finished organizing the Pogs, she decided to torture the cat.

Our cat is an attention whore, so he didn’t mind.


Eventually Sophie moved onto something else, and he was left to rest.

This entire time Mya was off doing her own thing.


After being banished from the kitchen, Sophie went to take a nap in my bed.
Igor joined her.

And just to make sure you know just how cool I was as a kid…

Remember those make-you-own Pog things?
Ya, we had one.
Be jealous.



2 thoughts on “Cats & Pogs

  1. Jared still has his with the pic too! Wanna see something cool? Hold that picture next to one of Melody. You and Melody look like twins! She's just a lighter version.


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