One Day, Texas, One Day.

At least once a month I ask Denny if we can move to Texas.
His response is always “find me a job first.”
Earlier today I asked Sophie what she thought about it.
Me “Should we move?”
Sophie “Why?”
Me “To Texas.”
Sophie “YEA! Then I can see my cousins all day!”
Me “Ok, then after we have enough money we can move.”
Sophie “But I want to go tomorrow.”
Me “We need to save lots of money first.”
Sophie “But I have money in my piggy bank.”
We have decided that we want to be in Texas. 
It may take us a good while to save enough money and sell the house, but we are ok with that.
Eventually, we will be there.
Family is very important, and I want our girls to grow up with their cousins. 
Neither of us even remotely like Utah.
It rarely snows there.
It is in the mission field.
I was born there.
It is doula/midwife friendly.
It is homeschool friendly.
For once Denny might actually like his job.
We would be super close to Mexico.
Now here are some cute pictures from the past week.
Mya and Thor waiting for Denny to get home.
(by the way, Denny got me a Husky for my birthday. I named him Thor.)
Throwing rocks in the river.
Mya drinking milk.
She effing loves milk.
Miss Sophie.

One thought on “One Day, Texas, One Day.

  1. YAAAAAY!!! I told Katie and Mellie and they both started cheering! Can't wait to have you guys down here! We can be homeschooling nerds together 🙂


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