Utah Renaissance Festival 2012

We freakin’ love the Renaissance Festival.
Here are our pictures from this year.
Sophie getting her Henna Tattoo.
And her parasol.
The girls eating their lunch on a giant log.
Mister Knight
The girls got awesome fans.
Yup, that is Thor in the background.
He came too.
Mya was pooped.
They had a petting zoo there.
With TINY lop ear bunnies.
Up for adoption.
$10 each.
 Guess what we came home with?
Sophie wanted to name it Pilof, I wanted to name it Floppy.
She decided that we would name her Pilof-Floppy.
And just because she is super cute.
Mya watching toonies.
And eating her way through a soup cup.
She really wanted soup.
The end.

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