HUGE Family Visit

My family came out at the beginning of July.
Much fun was had and many memories were made.
Enjoy a small handful of the hundreds of photos I took. 🙂
Super awesome nail polish for the 4th of July parade.
1 – Uncle Isaak baby-wearing Mya while LARPing with the other children.
2 – Little Allie being harassed with kisses from Grandma Taly.
3 – My brother and his darling little girl at the parade.
4 – Poisoning the minds of the children with video games.
5 – Miss Sophie ready for some candy!
6 – Mya running away with the balloon.
7 – Hanging out in the grass.
8 – LOOK! I captured myself in the family memories!
9 – Melody learning to play cards.
Everyone was sick for the next few days.
Yay for Hand, Foot, & Mouth.
We went to SLC and walked around a bit.
The Dinosaur Park.
A day at the “beach”
We miss then dearly, and look forward to when we can all live near each other again.

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