Crazy Cakes, Being Bipolar with No Medication

You know what’s fun about being bipolar, poor, and having crappy insurance?
My current medication isn’t helping as much as I’d like.
Sure I feel pretty normal most of the time, but then there are moments when I am absolutely positive that my world is crumbling around me.
I’m not a fan of those moments.
Other than becoming an alcoholic or a drug addict, I feel as though I’m running out of options here.
Most days I adopt a “screw this” attitude when it comes to my pills.
My loving husband went looking for alternative solutions.
He came up with 4.
I was on Seroquil back in the day. It made it impossible for me to stay awake. I fell asleep anywhere and everywhere.
I was also on Zyprexa about 7 years ago. This made me hella fat. Don’t believe me? Ask my mom. As she so lovingly puts it, I looked like “a puffer fish.”
Lithium & Lamictal – no thank you.
Being as I need to be awake to care for my 2 small children, Seroquil was out.
This left Zyprexa.

“But the only real side effects were rapid weight gain and dry mouth.” – loving husband
“F*ck that,” – skinny wife
“It is safe for nursing.”
“The weight gain is only in teenagers.”
After I begrudgingly agreed to at least try it, Denny looked up the cost.
This crap sells for $600 a month.
Our insurance knocks it down to about $300 for a 90 day supply, but still.
We survive, but we aren’t rolling around in money.
If you notice that I start to bloat at an alarming rate – no, I will not be pregnant.
It will mean that I agreed to take the devil pills.

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