Halloween Hoopla 2012, Pokemon Costumes

I make our costumes every year.
Because I am awesome.
And store bought costumes are lame.
And I just like to make shit.
I was all set to have us be characters from the show Adventure Time.
I sketched up everything, and had an idea of what fabrics I needed.
*enter Sophie*
“I want to be Pokemon!”
I had to remind myself that Halloween is for the children.
Anywho, here are the girls’ costumes
Sophie is Flareon.
Mya is Charmander.
Prepare to scroll through tons of pictures.
Mya was a turd and wouldn’t hold still.
Random cuteness.
My kids are just too darn cute.
Saturday evening was the church Halloween Carnival.
I knew that the girls would enjoy it, so I was determined to go.
I greatly underestimated just how awkward it would be.
You see, several things happened, and we stopped going to church last spring.
Being the awesome parents we are, we trudged through the forced smiles, stink eye glances, and all together avoided eye contact.
At one point, sitting alone at our little table, I had the intense urge to just grab the girls and run out the doors.
At least were the handful of delightful people that I genuinely like, and I’m glad I got to see them.

Sophie got her face painted, and all put exploded with happiness.
 Mya hoarded the beanbags from the beanbag toss.
Denny played with the camera while Mya freaked out.
“Would you smile?”
“Is that why you look so happy?”
Sunday afternoon we got to work turning our pumpkins into works of art.
 For those of you wondering…
Yes, Denny is indeed shirtless 90% of the time.
I will try to snap some more pictures on Halloween.
At least of our costumes. 🙂

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