I’m Thankful for…

I have so much to be thankful for.
First, and foremost, I am thankful for my family.
Other things that make my life that much better:
  • our home
  • the few good friends we have
  • music
  • our good health
  • family members who are not sociopaths
  • photography
  • hot showers
  • lemon water
  • fiber powder
  • anti-nausea medication
  • bland food


I first became suspicious when my period was a no-show in October.
My boobs hurt something fierce, I ate everything in sight, and still no period.

10 pregnancy tests later.

Halloween morning I got my positive.
I told Denny, who is incapable of displaying the appropriate amount of enthusiasm.
(Jim from The Office = appropriate reaction)
I may as well have told him that I bought some shoes.

So I told my friend Rachael, who is very good at being excited.

I met with my midwife, who informed me that my uterus was far too small to be a good 10 weeks along.
An ultrasound confirmed that there was only a 4 or 5 week old sack.

“Either you just ovulated much later than you thought, or the pregnancy ended at 5 weeks.”
Depressing. I ate way too much that night.

Two very long weeks later, I went back to see if there had been any growth.
The fetus has a heartbeat!

Schlaikjer spawn number 3 is due to show in July 2013.

A few quick notes.
-baby will be born at home
-yes, it is safe
-i understand that 3 small children will be a handful, there isn’t much i can do about it now
-no, the baby wasn’t planned, but the best things in life aren’t
-i am sick as crap, so forgive me if i’m not my spunky self
-if you want to help out at all, feel free to donate to the “midwife fund” to help pay for the birth, or bring me dinners. i am hungry all. the. time.

Mya looking at the ultrasound picture
“no that’s a baby”
“no! RAWR!”
Apparently I am giving birth to a dinosaur.

Sophie “mom, if it’s a boy, can we name it rocko?”
“rocko, huh?”
“yea, like the show!”

Sophie “the baby can use one of my blankets, because when it is borned it will be cold.”

Mya nursing in my lap.
Sophie “mya stop! you have to leave milk for the baby!”


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