Christmas 2012

This year I didn’t bother with my camera while the girls unwrapped gifts.
I set our handycam on the tripod, and simply enjoyed watching the girls.
I forgot what  a pain in the ass it is to get videos off that thing.
So until I can remember how the hell I did it last time, here are some pictures.
The instant the girls woke up, they ran into the front room to see if Santa had come.
(now I’ve never cared much for Santa, but since Sophie has reached the age where Santa is the coolest thing since sliced bread, I’m rolling with it)
Santa did indeed come.
He ate all of the green cookies we made too.
Mya’s little eyes set on the mountain of gifts, and she all but exploded.
She screamed with excitement and ran over to the pile.
In no time at all, she was trying to rip a gift open.

I had to kindly pry the gift from her freakishly strong hands, and remind her that we needed to eat breakfast first.
She was not pleased.
After breakfast, we released the children on the mound of happiness.
Our family generally sends money for Christmas.
So the girls get a pretty good selection of gifts.
This year I got them a few nonsense items, but tried to stick mostly to useful things.
Thinking toys, boardgames, hands-on stuff.
We spent our morning playing with all the new awesomeness.

After lunch and a nap.
We headed over to Papa’s for Christmas dinner.
We have my brother and his wife their gifts.
Awesome mugs.
I made the stencils and stuck them on the mugs, but the girls did all the painting.

I apologize in advance to the rest of the family, I didn’t get gifts finished in time to mail.
So your gifts are coming next week sometime.
Just think of them as post-endoftheworld gifts. 🙂

Denny made some phone calls, thanking Grandma Horton and his dad for their gifts.
Also, thank you to my parents.
Sophie and Mya ran amuck.
Mya picking her nose. 
She was generous enough to share her loot.
“Mommy, EW!”
*wipe on mommy*
Our Christmas was pretty delighful, especially considering everyone had fevers.
I”ll do my best to get the video up before next Christmas rolls around. 🙂
Hope you all had a wonderful time too!

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