Chosing my Midwife

This is one of my favorite ways someone has talked about home birth.
My family has been supportive thus far, even if I can hear the “OMGYOURGOINGTODIE” in their voice.
I’m grateful that they keep any negativity to themselves.
Negative vibes are bad for a fetus ya know.

When I was pregnant with Mya, I knew the next child would be born at home.
While I loved my CNM Christy Francis, I just wanted to get out of the hospital.
I feel safe at home, I am comfortable at home, I can eat whatever I want at home, the children are in their own environment, they can also be involved as little or as much as they like, I don’t have to fight off nursing staff, it all just makes sense.

I am well aware that home birth is not for everyone.
Giving birth is about where the mother feels most comfortable.
For me, that place is home.

On my our quest to birth at home, an important part was finding the perfect midwife.

This part was insanely frustrating.

I emailed at least 5 midwives, only 2 of which actually responded after the first email.
Poor business practices? Yup.

Quirky Mama $1900
North Salt Lake
includes placenta encapsulation in price
birth tub use

Brickyard Birth Medicaid or $3000 + birth kit
South Salt Lake
Medicaid is still deciding if they will cover home birth
birth tub use

Birthwise Maternity Care $2900
(took 2 emails to get a response a few weeks later)

Arrival Birth Services $2900
(2 emails, no email back)
beautiful birth center

Papaver Midwifery $1900
(3 emails, no email back)
Salt Lake
willing to take trades
birth tub use
placenta encapsulation at extra cost

(These are the prices I got at the time, they could possibly change)

After interviewing the top two, it was an easy decision.

While I’m sure all of the other midwives are wonderful, they simply weren’t the perfect fit for me.
Being as this could very well be my last pregnancy, I get to be picky.
 (I said last pregnancy, not last child. With the severity of PPD that I get, it just isn’t fair to my family. If it is bad this time around, we will adopt the rest of our children.)
I chose the lovely Jessica Stahle of Quirky Midwife to look over my pregnancy and birth.
I felt at ease with her, which didn’t happen with any other providers.
I love that she includes placenta encapsulation in her global fee.
When I mentioned my PPD, she actually asked me about it. Every other medical provider threw pills at me.
I’m happy with my decision, and look forward to getting to know her even more over the next 6 months or so. 🙂

And just because I know my mother yearns for more pictures, here ya go.
I’ve been practicing my low light photography.

 photo DSC_5760_zpsc757ebec.jpg

 photo DSC_5785_zpsfbe555ea.jpg

 photo DSC_5751_zpseca2e30d.jpg

 photo DSC_5759_zpsbdfd5dce.jpg

 photo DSC_57772_zps68f19a0b.jpg


2 thoughts on “Chosing my Midwife

  1. I'm SO glad you found a midwife you love! I don't think I could handle delivering at home but I live that you're not a afraid to what makes you comfortable. And I love Denny for being so supportive! P.S. LOVE that last pic of mya. You're girls are so strikingly beautiful!


  2. I'm excited to look into some of these other midwives if we have another. Thanks for posting the list!

    BTW, Chris Miller does include a birth tub (it's just a tall kiddy pool) in her fees. I'm surprised that she didn't email you back.


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