Crazy Dreams & Bath Time

One of the joys of pregnancy would be intensely vivid dreams.
I have always had really bold dreams to begin with, so when you add in the hormones, they just get weird.
After stealing a buttload of money, I was asked what I was going to do with all of it.
My response was, “buy Ian Somerhalder… I want to know what he tastes like.”
Being trapped inside a large hotel with Sophie, running from a tyrannosaurus.
By the way, the whole “just stand still” thing from Jurassic Park is complete bull.
Some creepy man kidnapped me and kept me locked in his basement for months.
When I finally escaped, I got my revenge by scratching the paint on his bright yellow car.
And most recently:
Denny and I are “separated.”
I am dropping Sophie off with him for their first weekend at his place.
I am sitting outside a steak house crying uncontrollably.
I turn into a fish.
I am with other fish trying to get away from an orca.
I am in a grocery store.
Buying a cart full of breadsticks.
Mya kicks me and I wake up.
This stuff is banans.
Here are some cute pictures of the girls taking a bath.
 photo DSC_5845_zpsc7ea68c9.jpg
 photo DSC_5849_zps09a26313.jpg
 photo DSC_5859_zpsdb0c24fe.jpg
 photo DSC_5861_zps8b5a3a66.jpg
 photo DSC_5863_zps28dac073.jpg

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