Easter 2013

We had a great Easter weekend.
The girls dyed some eggs.
Being as I’m a hippie and hate chemicals, we used good old vinegar and food coloring.
 photo DSC_6188_zps25fd830a.jpg
Mya was only interested in the color blue.
 photo DSC_6190_zps9b1fe4bd.jpg
They turned out well.
  photo DSC_6200_zps3e131e20.jpg
The girls played outside while we cleaned up in the house.
Sophie picked out a new Easter dress during our Girl’s Day.
(complete with stick-on nails and a fancy new clip)
 photo DSC_6204_zps6100cdbc.jpg
 photo DSC_6213_zpsf06ec1fa.jpg
While dad was outside hiding all the eggs, the girls got to dig through their baskets.
 photo DSC_6214_zps21e5c420.jpg
 photo DSC_6215_zpsa94d0d81.jpg
70+ eggs and 5 minutes later, we released them into the yard.
Sophie was a bit of a challenge to get any pictures of, being as she was running around at warp speed.
Mya quickly followed along after her.
 photo DSC_6221_zps691eb329.jpg
 photo DSC_6222_zps6961072a.jpg
 photo DSC_6231_zpsd7a4ea4a.jpg
 photo DSC_6243_zps50a0963f.jpg
 photo DSC_6233_zps2c04cf30.jpg
 photo DSC_6235_zps5917d3e7.jpg
 photo DSC_6245_zps2a590cba.jpg
After they filled their little buckets, it was time to check the loot.
I only bought one small back of candy, because I didn’t want the children in a sugar coma for the next week. The rest of the prizes were stickers, stamps, tattoos, rings, etc.
 photo DSC_6256_zpsdc4ba18d.jpg
 photo DSC_6251_zps0ec94d21.jpg
 photo DSC_6260_zps2e71744d.jpg
 photo DSC_6261_zpsea983ac8.jpg
As always, they put on all the tattoos in one sitting.
Luckily, I loaded up their baskets with a bunch more.
We spent the rest of the afternoon running about outside and enjoying the sunshine.
I made the girls some sidewalk paint (cornstartch & water).
Sophie enjoyed practicing her letters.
 photo DSC_6264_zps77c7513f.jpg
 photo DSC_6263_zps0ed7bc82.jpg
 photo DSC_6266_zps9a849d68.jpg
Mya hoarded any chocolate she could find, and squatted over the bag, devouring it like a rat.
That’s mah girl.
 photo DSC_6267_zps53f2452a.jpg
 photo DSC_6273_zpsdd6a0a7b.jpg
Hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter weekend.

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