Annual Hogle Zoo Trip

We took our yearly trip to the zoo this past weekend.
Grandma Taly came out to visit, which the girls always love.
Enjoy the sea of pictures.
Mya about an inch away from a monkey.
She effin loves monkeys.
 photo DSC_6346_zps85533fde.jpg
With uncle Isaak.
 photo DSC_6352_zps013e2504.jpg
Eating my cotton candy.
 photo DSC_6354_zps8683f2d9.jpg
The favorite grandma.
 photo DSC_6357_zps2367b7da.jpg
Despite how large and blimp-like I feel, I made sure there was at least one picture of me.
 photo DSC_6361_zps15d3c285.jpg
 photo DSC_6369_zpse6df3b52.jpg
 photo DSC_6377_zpsa9e2785c.jpg
 photo DSC_6379_zps4df8fb14.jpg
 photo DSC_6384_zps1d27ad1f.jpg
 photo DSC_6388_zpscb4ff82d.jpg
I had to quickly waddle in front of everyone to snap this one.
 photo DSC_6390_zps73341ab2.jpg
 photo DSC_6395_zps47001c59.jpg
We had lots of fun with grandma, as always.
And look forward to her next visit.

By the way, we are moving to Texas at the end of May.
So there may not be many posts/pictures while we pack up and such.

I will try to keep posting camera phone pictures on facebook. 🙂


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