Utah Renaissance Festival 2013

We took a day off from packing to enjoy the Utah Renaissance Festival.
We go every year, and always have a blast.
Being as I am the size of a whale, it was hot, and my feet hurt…
There aren’t too many pictures.
Take what you get.
 photo DSC_6452_zpsa3ba88f0.jpg
 photo DSC_6455_zps91bc265a.jpg
Sophie and I both got our Henna Tattoos. 
 photo DSC_6457_zps757a9dc8.jpg
 photo DSC_6459_zpsf1fe4594.jpg
And to keep Mya from blowing a gasket, the girls both got their faces painted.
 photo DSC_6463_zps35e553ce.jpg
 photo DSC_6460_zps0370699c.jpg
They both made out like bandits.
Tattoos, face paint, fairy wings, jewels, daggers, balloon animals, etc.
 photo DSC_6468_zps3747a502.jpg
On the way out, we stopped by the “petting zoo” area.
(where I was licked by a small goat, no me gusta)
 photo DSC_6472_zps86335bab.jpg
 photo DSC_6473_zps376a7a5c.jpg
We all went home super tired.
Now, because I am just too lazy to make another post, an update on the move.
House is up for sale, and about half way packed.
We will be having a huge yard sale this weekend. (Come buy our crap)
And leaving between the 28-30, I just need to buy our plane tickets.

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