Fighting Negativity with Light

As my husband so lovingly put it, I have become full of acidic hate since moving.
(to be fair, I am absurdly pregnant, therefore I get to hate things)
In an effort to focus more on the positive, I decided to thank everyone for their love and kindness.
My ever loving neighbor, Rachael, is probably the person I miss the most.
You are a super awesome friend, and a reliable one at that.
Thank you for all of your help with the stress of moving.
Thank you for the amazing blessing way that you planned.
Thank you for letting me hang out in your front yard while I tried to fight my PPD.
Thank you for being your fantastically goofy self.
The ladies in our old ward really reached out just before the move.
I often had people stop by with a bag of baby clothes, or text to ask how I was doing.
One loving lady even offered to let me take her car the day my eardrum burst.
Thank you to everyone who took the girls for a playdate, so that I could have a few minutes of sanity.
Thank you to everyone who brought me food.
Thank you to everyone who came and helped us load the moving truck.
The biggest thank you goes out to my brother and his wife.
Not only did they show us around the area, help Denny look for jobs, cook delicious meals, take my kids out to the park, and help us move all of our crap up a flight of stairs…
They let us live with them for a month, while we tried to find our own place.
Not once did they make us feel unwelcome.
I’m not sure we will ever be able to fully pay them back.
While I have trouble seeing all of the good at 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I am very grateful for everyone in my life.
I love you all, and appreciate all you do/have done for us.
PS once this child finally comes out, I will try to get back to posting pictures.
I am aware that this is the only way family can usually see the girls.
I am just too round to care right now…. 🙂

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