You’re going to EAT your placenta?!?

It is always fun to see the look on someones face when explaining placenta encapsulation.

Take my brother for example:

“Did you find a doula thing?”

“Yup, she’s even going to encapsulate my placenta.”

“Going to what…?”

“Cook it, grind it up, and put it in pills.”


“So I can eat it.”

What would possess me to consume something that was once in my body?

Postpartum depression.

That bottomless pit of despair.

And my natural hatred for anti-depressants.

I’ll gladly down a whole bottle of placenta to avoid that again.

Benefits of placenta encapsulation

– Decrease in baby blues and postpartum depression.

-Increased and enriched breastmilk.

-Increased energy.

-Decrease in lochia, postartum bleeding.

-Increased iron levels.

-Promotes better sleep.

-Decreased postpartum “night sweats.”

-Balances hormones.

-Combats fatigue.

-Helps uterus contract to pre-pregnancy size.


I get to add one more patch on my girl scout sash of all things hippie:

“eating my placenta.”

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