Life on the Ranch

My brother, Jared, used to work for a lovely lady.

This lovely lady owns a ranch in the middle of nowhere.

We were invited to a party at said ranch.

I officially want to own a ranch.

 photo DSC_6894_zpsa8b8c077.jpg

So many trees, fresh air, chickens, horses, and TREES!

(I love trees.)

Despite the insane humidity, and being drenched with sweat, everyone loved it.

Well, everyone except Denny.

He hates sunshine and fresh air.

  photo DSC_6860_zps7dcf8689.jpg

We were there for several hours, but I only had a small window to take pictures.

Finn was tired and rather unhappy about the heat.

So I got what I could, and just tried to enjoy myself the rest of the time.

The big red swing was a hit.

 photo DSC_6858_zps038f6865.jpg

The main attraction was definitely the horse riding.

 photo DSC_6849_zpsd411662c.jpg

 photo DSC_6872_zpsf592f9ff.jpg

ALL the kids loved riding.

 photo DSC_6902_zps5af3a664.jpg




 photo DSC_6938_zps9bb6ddde.jpg



 photo DSC_6865_zpsca66a2ce.jpg

 photo DSC_6877_zpscc4f884f.jpg

 photo DSC_6916_zps2e702d3b.jpg











 photo DSC_6954_zpse67f5e20.jpg



 photo DSC_6947_zps9191fd8e.jpg


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