Frogs, Snails, & Puppy Dog Tails

I never had any desire to have a boy.

The male species has often played the villainous role in my life.
Just plain evil.

 As a result of my life experiences, I generally don’t trust anything with a penis.
Emotionally healthy?
Probably not, but it’s how I do.

Sophie announced that she was going to have a baby brother about 2 years ago.
I dismissed it as a cute thought.

A year later we had a surprise pregnancy.
A few months after that, we found out it was a boy.

Everyone was over the moon.
(by “everyone” I mean my mother)
“Are you excited?”
“How fun!”
“Are you happy?”


 photo DSC_7052_zps4a999653.jpg

Then I gave birth to my beautiful boy.
I am so completely in love.

  photo DSC_7058_zps93f54b42.jpg

I get to teach him how to be a gentleman.
He will learn to be compassionate and respectful.
He is beautiful and innocent.
I get to teach him.

 photo DSC_7053_zps1af1130d.jpg


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