(home)School Pictures

We homeschool.

Most of you already know this.

Since we homeschool, we don’t get “school pictures.”

You know, those absurdly expensive packets of nonsense?


I decided to take my own, because I’m awesome like that.

Plus, my pictures are much cuter.

Sophie was first.

 photo DSC_6996_zps976ce6fd.jpg

 photo DSC_6998_zps805e34a0.jpg

 photo DSC_7023_zpsa0e17e82.jpg

 photo DSC_7020_zpsa16873ee.jpg

Mya wandered off to mope.

 photo DSC_7045_zps4d98e808.jpg

Sophie went to comfort her.

 photo 1_zpsd45ea729.jpg


Tasha was more than happy to hold Finn, while I chased down the children.

 photo DSC_6995_zps368d6c3f.jpg

Then all the girls ran off to play.

 photo DSC_7041_zps743b39bc.jpg

 photo DSC_7006_zps9af89669.jpg

 photo DSC_7043_zps91bede4f.jpg


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