My New Garden

Sophie has always had the sweetest personality.
She is always thinking of others.
She shares everything.
She gives without thought.
She is an amazing person.
After I had Mya, I struggled with postpartum depression.
Sophie would hug me and remind me to take my pill, so that I could be happy.
She was 3.
When Finn was born, it was even worse.
I remember one time I was laying face down on my bed.
Overwhelmed by the world, I silently begged for the ground to open and swallow me up.
My face was wet with tears.
My body was completely exhausted.
The idea of surviving another day was almost too much to stomach.
Sophie came quietly into the room, and stood there for a moment.
When I didn’t respond, she moved closer.
Covering me with the quilt, she leaned down and kissed my head.
I wanted desperately to find the will to tell her that I was ok, but I couldn’t.
I just laid there.
She whispered in my ear, “It’s ok, Mom. I know it is hard for you sometimes.”
After stroking my hair a few times, she left the room.
Her compassion is endless.
I am over the moon that I get to raise a girl with such a beautiful soul.
She will be even more incredible when she is grown.
A few weeks ago, Sophie drew this picture for me.
Her face beamed when she proudly handed it to me.
“This is for you, because I know you miss our garden.”
I do.
I so desperately miss my house, my yard, my giant windows, but most of all…
my garden.
Now, thanks to Sophie, I have a beautiful garden to look at every day.

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