Mother’s Day 2014

I’ve been rather busy this past month, and never got the chance to put these pictures up.
I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.
We shared lots of love, laughs, and happy moments.
My brother and his family joined us for an afternoon at the park.
 Enjoy the random assortment of pictures.
 photo DSC_8019_zps73fc4a31.jpg
My love.
 photo DSC_8027_zpsa97227fe.jpg
Yes, yes those are legwarmers around her ankles.
 photo DSC_8022_zpsd92eafd6.jpg
By the way, he is totally walking.
 photo DSC_8024_zps05f5a250.jpg
Enjoying ice cream from the paleta man.
 photo DSC_8053_zps5153aac0.jpg
Searching for turtles in the water.
 photo DSC_8067_zps9c25d35a.jpg
Found one.
 photo DSC_8069_zpsacc1e4c3.jpg
Love of my life.
 photo DSC_8070_zps14f511e5.jpg
Little monkey.
 photo DSC_8080_zpse5c6383e.jpg
Hardcore swinging.
 photo DSC_8086_zpsd873b58a.jpg

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