Finn’s 1st Birthday

Brace yourselves for an overload of photos.
On July 23rd, my tiny little ball of cute turned a whopping 365 days old.
My baby is now a toddler.
We celebrated that day with ice cream cups, because what do toddlers love more than ice cream?
Nothing, that’s what.
 photo DSC_9175_zps77a70399.jpg
(By the way, I’m currently on a black and white photo kick. I love how it takes out distractions and focuses on emotions. More on that later.)
Everyone enjoyed their sugary goodness.
 photo DSC_9197_zpsdaf98049.jpg
 photo DSC_9198_zpsb7efa356.jpg
Even Denny.
No, he isn’t filled with rage.
That is just his face.
You get used to it.
 photo DSC_9190_zps361824ed.jpg
I think Finn enjoyed his most of all.
 photo DSC_9184_zps978e8310.jpg
Jump forward a few weeks.
EVERYONE came to visit.
Grandma Taly, Papa & Betty, and Abuelos.
We waited for them all to arrive before having his party.
Where did we have Finn’s party?
The splash pad. of course.
He LOVES the splash pad.
 photo DSC_9307_zps25c7bfcb.jpg
There was lots of water fun.
 photo DSC_9325_zps1b41249c.jpg
 photo DSC_9331_zps4bbcf9c0.jpg
The adults sat around like potatoes and gossiped.
 photo DSC_9343_zps2da92fe6.jpg


 photo DSC_9466_zpsf83cd361.jpg

…Damnit, Dad.
 photo DSC_9358_zpsbae11efb.jpg
 photo DSC_9335_zpse01673e6.jpg
 photo DSC_9377_zps1c812d78.jpg
Look, it’s me!
 photo DSC_9355_zps0c20863b.jpg

Enjoying the snacks.

 photo DSC_9342_zpsdbb8f89f.jpg
 photo DSC_9371_zpsadf38398.jpg
 photo DSC_9362_zps041b4bec.jpg

He’s a dork.

 photo DSC_9385_zps9c6f2206.jpg
Opening his gifts. photo DSC_9409_zpsc9f36a57.jpg


Pinata Time!
Ready, set, go!

 photo DSC_9437_zpsc3c78068.jpg

 photo DSC_9438_zpsd3fbcdcf.jpg
You can see the crazy in her eyes. photo DSC_9448_zps2ab754e9.jpg

Again… damnit, Dad.

 photo DSC_9449_zps08781611.jpg

Happy birthday, my little love bug.
I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you! photo DSC_9467_zpsa83d9534.jpg


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