Busy Busy Busy

My super awesome sister in law gave me the idea of posting from my phone.

Brilliant, yes?

So here it goes.

We have been very busy around here.
Learning. Playing. Exploring.
All good stuff.

Sophie started playing soccer! She is on the Generals team, and is loving every minute of it.

Her first game was last Saturday. She scored the first and only goal for her team! I puffed up all proud like a mama hen.

We have been spending as much time as possible outside. With the weather no longer in the 90s, we can actually enjoy the millions of parks around is.

Finn still doesn’t have any teeth. He also is still refusing to sleep, which is SO MUCH FUN!
His vast vocabulary (spoken and signing) includes: dad, mom, sophie, mya, igor, uh-uh, thank you, all done, more, nurse, hello, hi, bye, and no.
I am trail running like a crazy person. I signed up for my first 5k at the end of this month. It helps keep my mood in check.
Mya is coming out of the intense 3 year old stage, and is much more pleasant to be around. She is every bit Denny’s child.

She fell asleep with the doll’s feet in her mouth.

Being a doctor in her fancy doctor coat.

Denny actually enjoys his job, which in itself is a big improvement from our Utah life. He still, and forever will, spends his free time doing nerd things on the computer.

Thanks to Emilyn and her awesome family we even get date nights now and again.

 I love him to pieces.

Our little family is doing well. We have a busy month ahead. Trick or treating, Halloween parties, play dates, homeschooling, and CAMPING!


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