Finn’s Blessing Day

In our church, babies are normally blessed with a name just after being born.
We are far from “normal,” so Finn was blessed after his first birthday.
My grandfather gave him a beautiful blessing, just like he did for Mya.
We must like stress, because we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for family pictures.
The little ones were not pleased.
Through the power of bribery and Photoshop, I got some decent pictures.
My sweet family.
 photo DSC_9515-Edit_zpse2a7edc0.jpg
The kiddos.
 photo DSC_9490_zps44a5f4f9.jpg
My brother’s family.
 photo DSC_9504_zps791fc9b2.jpg
His kiddos.
 photo DSC_9484_zpscaf0dbb5.jpg
They also blessed their new baby that day.
I love little Lindsey.
 photo DSC_9501_zpsbb9c9547.jpg
My mother.
She is such a proud grandma.
Look at her all puffed up like a peacock.
(at this point Finn was no longer interested in pictures)
 photo DSC_9533_zps24ca08a4.jpg
All the children were having emotional breakdowns.
Everyone was hungry. Kids were taking off shoes. Some frolicked off into the bushes.
I turned my attention to the adults.
My grandparents.
The cutest couple I have ever met.
Their love could move mountains.
 photo DSC_9548_zpsc6dcc91f.jpg
My mother, father, and his new wife.
 photo DSC_9555_zpsa25423cd.jpg
Much stress and craziness, but we finished!
 photo DSC_9547_zps0b70326e.jpg
Worth it.

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