Naked Bodies Everywhere

My husband arranged for us to have a spa day (amazing, isn’t he?) this past weekend. We spent a good 5+ hours at Spa Castle. You enter into the first little locker room to remove your shoes, it is a barefoot facility. Swoon. Next you enter your gender specific locker room, where you are given a pink or blue uniform and a locker. The second you enter the locker room, BAM! Naked bodies everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

There are no dressing rooms, you simply strip down right in the aisles. Being my naked-loving self, I jumped right into the groove of things. You can imagine how I was ecstatic to learn that they had a giant European style bath house in there as well. Giant tubs, waterfalls, showers, etc… that you get to be naked in!

My favorite part of our day was totally the bath house. My husband was amused at my excitement about being in a room with a bunch of other naked ladies; he decided to sit in the lounge area and wait for me instead. I guess he wasn’t up for seeing a bunch of man sausage swaying in the breeze.


I swaggered on into the warm room, and the sound of rushing water filled my ears. After pulling off my wet swimsuit, it fell to the floor with a loud “plop.” Nudity is something that most people are taught to shy away from these days. If a girl isn’t trying to sell something in an ad, or make a porno, no one wants to see her body. Pfft, as if any normal women look like those photoshopped piles on nonsense.


It wasn’t like that in the bath house. There was no crippling sense of insecurity. You couldn’t smell fear and judgement in the air. On the  contrary, the room was filled with laughter and joy. The lighthearted mood was almost tangible.

The warm green water of a jetted tub looked inviting, so I decided to start there first. Sinking into the bubbling water was like being kissed by a million butterflies. Two little Asian girls, jumped into the red pool next to mine. Their mother and grandmother followed. Giggling up a storm, I watched them splash and play. I couldn’t help but smile.

Across the room I heard a squeal of laughter. A curvy black woman had turned on one of the jets and was surprised by it’s force as it nearly knocked her over. The two women with her laughed as they helped her up.

It was like this all over the room. Girls and women of all ages, races, and body types enjoying a bath together. Wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, tattoos, piercings, tan lines… no judgement.

It was ah-MA-zing!

This is exactly the kind of woman tribe I want my girls to grow up in: a world of love and acceptance.

We will definitely be going back.


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