Prepare to be Shunned by the Christians

My soul has been leading me away from the LDS church for many years, but I ignored it for the sake of my children. The church was really the only sense of community that we had. Stop going to church = stop getting invited to stuff.

Angry Christians, Whimsy and Wildflowers

While the Mormons are supposed to be one of the more accepting of the Christian faiths, there are always THOSE people. The ones that exist in every religion, in every group, in every part of the world. The ones that know they are right, and you are wrong. The ones that will make damn sure you know it too.

As I recently became more open about my seeking other religions, I knew it was a very real possibility to be ostracized. (especially since I chose Paganism…. WITCHCRAFT!!!!!) I closed my eyes and jumped in with both feet. I would rather have my children see me seek my own truth and lose friends, than go along with everyone else just because I want friends.

Much to my delight, the majority of comments have been accepting and loving.

. . . . .

My dad gave me a call the other night, and the stars must have aligned just right because I was actually able to answer the phone. No one was crying, or fighting, or needed food, or any other thing that happens with tiny children. We chatted for a moment and then he said it, “so how was that new church you went to?”

We were raised in the LDS church, every member of my family is Mormon. I braced myself for the “You know your children need Jesus. How could you keep them from Jesus, Alexis? DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO GO TO HELL?!?!?”

Not that my dad would ever say that, but it would be implied. Ya, know?


I answered with just how much the girls and I both loved going to the local Unitarian Universalists church. Ready to defend my choices, I waited for him to respond.

“Well, that’s the most important thing right? That you guys are in a place where you are happy?”

Sure that he was either having a stroke, or that I was making up this conversation in my mind, I answered. In shock, I waited for this acceptance to wash over me.

“You know, I’m sorry that God kind of let you down there when you needed him. I don’t need to preach to you, and I’m real proud of you. I’m happy you guys have found a place you like.”

Angry Christians, Whimsy and Wildflowers

SO MANY PEOPLE are abandoned by their friends and family if they ever “stray” from a certain religion. People are kicked out of their homes. People are cut off from their families. People are attacked both verbally and physically. People are killed.

I am fully aware of just how lucky I am. Not only are we allowed to choose our beliefs without fear of  being publicly executed, but we are met with love.


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