Boys in Dresses

I am a feminist. Our society is headed in a direction of really empowering this generation of girls. This makes me beyond ecstatic. My daughters will grow up being taught that they can do and be anything they want. ANYTHING. My oldest is participating in soccer and archery. My younger girl is getting all her crazy out in gymnastics. There are no limits to the doors they can open, and it is amazing. The world is finally accepting that females and males are equals.

But my son is being left behind.

There are hundreds of campaigns, organizations, books, blogs, etc that empower girls. That tell girls they absolutely do NOT have to fit into gender rolls.

What about our sons?

Don’t they deserve just as much empowerment as small children? Should they not be encouraged to explore any and all options? Dance? Art? Music? Our world is not only stuck in gender rolls, but also absurdly homophobic.


My son can often be found tromping around in his sisters pink cowboy boots, twirling in his blue Elsa dress, and grinning from ear to ear. Who says boys can’t wear dresses?

A girl can be a “tomboy,” but my son can’t run around in a dress?

A girl can play with trains and cars, but my son shouldn’t play with dolls?


I have always, ALWAYS let my children dress themselves. Even better, I bring them along when we go shopping for clothes and have them pick out what they want. My only rule is that it be their size.  I will continue to let them express themselves, because it isn’t my freaking body. If my 4 year old wants to wear nothing but tutus for a month, awesome. If my 7 year old wants to take karate, great. I am here to help them find their way, not mark it out for them.

So when you see a little boy with pink boots, or a sparkly dress, or lipstick, or nail polish:


1 – It will not “make him gay.” You do not “make” a person gay, that’s dumb. Also, being gay isn’t a bad thing.

2 – He is happy, let him be happy.

3 – If you really want to make his day, let him know how awesome he looks.


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