Raising Nerds

I tried to fight it, I really did, but there wasn’t any point.
Nerd runs in my blood.
To top it off, I went and married an IT guy.


As the kids have gotten older I’ve stopped trying to keep them from all electronics, because quite frankly – it was exhausting.
Instead, I’ve switched up my strategy.
I no longer fight the future, but fill their technology time with educational hoopla.

Sophie LIVES for her “free time” at the end of the day.
At first I was annoyed with just how intense her Minecraft love was.
One time I actually sat and watched her play.

She’s a damn architect!
She learns math, quickly counting out the blocks she needs for a project.
She learns geometry with all of the 3D shapes.
She works on her spelling to write little signs everywhere.
She learns the basics of farming.
She learns to hunt and gather to survive.
She learns that teamwork is required for certain tasks.

You guys…
I love Minecraft.


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