Feral Children

WhimsyAndWildflowers.com Hippie Homeschoolers

I am a big believer of letting children explore by themselves.
I want my kids to run around in the mud, catch frogs, and build forts from fallen branches.
I want them to fill their lungs with fresh air and roll down hills of wildflowers.
I want them to be free.
I want them to be wild.

WhimsyAndWildflowers.com Hippie Homeschoolers

Raising hippie kids in an apartment complex is difficult but not impossible.
We are constantly outside, always exploring.
Nature preserves.
Parks, endless parks.

There are always options, you just have to put in the effort.
We are lucky enough to have a small stream behind our complex.
Down a hill of overgrown grass, flowers, and clovers, is a world of its own.

Our favorite time to go down is after a fresh rain.
Minnows, tadpoles, frogs, snakes, ducks, all the little creatures are bustling about.
We wriggle our toes in the mucky mud.
We collect shiny rocks.
The middle child throws her entire body into the water, hoping to capture a baby frog.
She emerges victorious with her sopping wet curls sticking all over her face.

WhimsyAndWildflowers.com Hippie Homeschoolers

I will give them experiences.
I will give them memories.
Their childhood will be rich with bug bites, late nights, endless laughter.


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